How To Become Luckier Using Astrology

Tyche in Aries

If your Tyche is in Aries, you can get luckier by using candle magic and incense manifestation. In particular, green candles and cinnamon-scented incense.

Tyche in Taurus

With Tyche in Taurus, your best bet for making things happen is to say positive things to yourself. It's almost like you were born with the lucky girl syndrome and never knew it.

Tyche in Gemini

If your Tyche is in Gemini, you can bring more luck into your life by writing down the things you want to happen.

Tyche in Cancer

If Tyche is in Cancer, the best way to bring luck into your life is to jump in the shower and think about what you want to bring into your life. Or, draw a warm bath and imagine how you will feel when you are completely calm.

Tyche in Leo

With Tyche in Leo, the best way to bring luck into your life is to act as if you are already what you want to be or already have what you want. After all, people with Leo energy are known for being great actors. And the best actors are those who lose themselves in their roles.

Tyche in Virgo

If your Tyche is in Virgo, writing down what you want to happen will help you a lot. After all, Virgo likes to be organised and private, and this method gives them both.

Tyche in Libra

Since Venus rules Libra, the best way to make your wishes come true when Tyche is in Libra is to think about what you want while listening to the frequency of Venus, which is 221.23 Hz.

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