Here’s the Car That Captures Each Zodiac Sign’s Style & Personality

Ford Mustangs are the fastest, most cheap automobiles. Since straight-shooter Aries has the fastest engine in the zodiac, they could only be symbolised by the furious and unstoppable Ford Mustang.

Aries: You’re a Ford Mustang

Taurus should symbolise you. As Venus—the planet of beauty and opulence—rules your zodiac sign, the Bentley Flying Spur embodies you.

Taurus: You’re a Bentley Flying Spur

The Nissan Z has been a fast and nimble sports vehicle since 1969. Geminis are versatile and quick-witted air signs that prefer to switch gears.

Gemini: You’re a Nissan Z

Nissan Z sports vehicles have been fast and nimble since 1969. Gemini, a fast-paced air sign, loves to switch gears and adapt.

Cancer: You’re a Fiat 500

Leo enjoys the spotlight because they can shine for everyone to see. Leo, governed by the Sun, can only be symbolised by the Ferrari Roma.

Leo: You’re a Ferrari Roma

There's a reason every other car on the motorway in Los Angeles is a Tesla Model S. This electric automobile is sleek and precise, much like Virgos.

Virgo: You’re a Tesla Model S

The lighthearted Libra may not be melting with road rage every time they hit the road, but they do love driving in style.

Libra: You’re a Porsche Panamera Turbo S

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