If You're Over 65, Don't Wear This Scent, Experts Warn

One of the most luxurious ways to show who you are is through perfume. With just one spray, you can make any atmosphere you want. For the office, you could choose a floral scent that is light and airy and smells like your skin, but better.

if you're going to a cocktail bar, you might pick a scent with strong notes like jasmine or amber. The only thing you have to do is feel confident and at ease. But as you age, you may want to change up your perfume collection. 

Here, fragrance experts tell us which smells people over 65 should stay away from and which ones they should stock up on to look stylish and sophisticated.

After 65, avoid wearing a scent that is too sweet.

Make sure the fragrance embraces how you feel.

Invest in a modern, everyday perfume.

Ultimately, wear what you please.

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