Dog Care Tips for Summers

Make sure your dog always has access to fresh, clean water, especially on hot days. Bring a portable water bottle & bowl when you're out and about.

Keep your dog hydrated: 

The pavement can get very hot in the summertime & can burn your dog's paws. Stick to grassy areas or walk your dog early in the morning or late in the evening when the pavement is cooler.

Avoid hot pavement: 

If your dog is spending time outdoors, make sure there's plenty of shade available. Set up a canopy or umbrella, or bring a portable shade shelter if you're going to the park or beach.

Provide shade: 

 Temperatures in a car can rise rapidly in just a few minutes, even with the windows cracked. Leaving your dog in a hot car can cause heat stroke or even death. 

Don't leave your dog in the car:

Summertime is the peak season for fleas & ticks, which can transmit diseases to your dog. Use flea and tick preventative medication as recommended by your vet.

Protect against fleas & ticks:

 Dogs love frozen treats on a hot day. Freeze water or broth in an ice cube tray or invest in dog-specific ice cream.

Provide cool treats:

While it may seem counterintuitive, shaving your dog's fur can actually make them hotter. A dog's fur helps regulate their body temperature and protects against sunburn.

Never shave your dog: 

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