Does caffeine and golf make a good pairing?

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Professional golfers and golf fans in general have early mornings, which, unless you enjoy punishing yourself, must include a daily grind of beans before you start the daily grind of golf.

A few years ago, he caught the attention of coffee-loving golfers by bringing his travel mug to the course during morning rounds. 

it didn't take long for it to turn into a branding exercise and his "wellness coffee" hit the market. But for the most part, tour pros stay awake the same way the rest of us do: with coffee.

 I play four or five times a day." "Usually three before lunch, one after lunch, and one right before dinner. On the road, I have to cut back a little. Short putts don't do well with a lot of caffeine. 

So, yes, I have a couple in the morning, and then I always have one after the round, no matter how late I finish."

There have been rumours that top players travel with espresso machines, which has led some enterprising golf writers to look for good coffee.

the hours before the leaders tee off on weekends.   the world's best player, recently revealed his peculiar coffee schedule.

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