Discovering Your Zodiac Sign's Flowers

The astrological flower for Aries is the honeysuckle, which stands for the sweetness of new love, new chapters, and happy memories.

Aries's Zodiac Birth Flower

The foxglove is the flower of the zodiac sign Taurus. It tells Taurus to be aware, trust their instincts, and stay on the ground.

Taurus's Zodiac Birth Flower

The astrological flower for Gemini is the lily-of-the-valley, which stands for luck, happiness, youth, and tact. Flowers from the lily-of-the-valley plant are often used in rituals to help people think more clearly.

Gemini's Zodiac Birth Flower

Like a rose, a sensitive Cancer needs to be treated with care because they can also be thorny.

Cancer's Zodiac Birth Flower

The sunflower is the astrological flower for Leo. Sunflowers are just as lively and interesting as Leos because they are big, bright, and beautiful.

Leo's Zodiac Birth Flower

Astrologically, the buttercup is the sign's flower. These small, bright flowers show that Virgo is humble.

Virgo's Zodiac Birth Flower

It is said that bluebells represent Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty. Bluebells are the astrological flower for Libra.

Libra's Zodiac Flower

Red geraniums are thought to be protective, just like Scorpio. Some people think that if you have a red geranium near your front door, it will let you know when someone new is coming.

Scorpio's Zodiac Flower

People often call carnations the "flower of the gods" because they smell spicy and are bright and beautiful. In general, carnations are a sign of love, attraction, and distinction.

Sagittarius' Zodiac Flower

The pansy is the flower of the Capricorn sign. Like Capricorn, pansies are generally hardy and can make it through anything. Pansies can live through light frosts and snow.

Capricorn's Zodiac Flower

Orchids are the astrological birth flower for Aquarius. There are many different kinds of orchids, and each one looks different.

Aquarius's Zodiac Flower

The flower for Pisces is the water lily. Water lilies are the perfect flower for a spiritual Pisces because they stand for beauty, enlightenment, and purity.

Pisces's Zodiac Flower

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