Discover the cat that best fits your zodiac sign

Aries: Egyptian Mau

A fiery Aries needs a cat with just as much energy, so the Egyptian Mau is a great choice. This cat will keep you busy all the time.

Taurus: American Shorthair

When they don't have to, these cats are easygoing, just like Taureans. Even though they love attention from their owners, they also like time to themselves.

Gemini: Bengal cat

Bengals and Geminis are a great match because they are both charismatic, social, and full of energy. Both are smart and able to change.

Gemini: Turkish Van

Just like people born under the sign of Gemini, Turkish Vans are friendly and like to play with their owners. This will make them good with Geminis, who are always on the go.

Cancer: Himalayan cat

Cancers are known for being emotionally sensitive and always looking for comfort. Himalayan cats are the same, which makes them the best pets to cuddle with.

Leo: Persian cat

Just like Leos, Persian cats like to be the centre of attention. But they are some of the kindest and warmest animals around, which makes them the perfect fluffy friend.

Virgo: Scottish Fold cat

Scottish Folds are happy, smart, and never lose their temper. Virgos are like each other and very affectionate with people they trust, but they are not too needy or attached.

Libra: Russian Blue

Libra is a good match for the Russian Blue, who is smart and quiet. Libra needs to spend some time alone, and having a loyal and gentle Russian Blue around will make that time even better.

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