Best Yoga Studios in the U.S.

Korsi Hot Yoga

Korsi Hot Yoga is open, airy, and bright. They are best known for their indoor hot yoga classes, but they also have classes for stretching, yoga get-togethers for the community, and outdoor yin yoga when the weather is nice.

Location: Roswell, Georgia

Heal Haus

Heal Haus is both a cafe and a yoga studio. It's an all-around wellness space that makes you feel calm and creative the moment you walk in.

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Location: Los Angeles, California

Love Yoga

When it comes to signs that like to try new things, the fiery Sagittarius is the best. Not only are they outgoing explorers, but they also have a strong, powerful, and restless desire to live.

Location: Marina Del Rey, California


YOGAqua is the best yoga studio, unless it's on a blimp. YOGAqua mixes stand-up paddleboarding and yoga.

Location: Phoenix, Arizona

Yoga Pura

Yoga Pura is a Phoenix institution after 15 years. An experienced yogi founded it in 2001 to teach his community about yoga and philosophy.

Location: Los Angeles, California

D&A Flying Yoga

 If you want to elevate your yoga practice in a literal sense, D&A Flying Yoga is the place to go.

Location: Columbus, Ohio


The yoga studio is home to a close-knit group of yogis who work together to do yoga that is both physically challenging and emotionally uplifting.

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