Best States to Live for Your Family's Mental Health


This list takes into account the cost of living, which includes the price of housing, transportation, and health care. If the cost of living is low, mental health care costs may also be low.


Indiana is in the middle of the country. It didn't make the top 25 for diversity, graduation rates, or the number of state and national parks, but its ranking for opportunities put it over the top.


 its low cost of living and better-than-average divorce rates and opportunities make it a solid place to live with your children.


This affordable Southern state gets kudos for its cost of living index. When ZenCare looked at its prices for housing, transportation, and health care, it found that all of these were good for families.


Texas has a lot of different kinds of people, which ZenCare says is good for mental health. If your kids are less likely to be picked on because they are different, they are less likely to feel sad.

North Carolina

Raleigh and Durham were even ranked second in the whole country, and the area is expected to add more than 44% more jobs in the coming years, which is almost 10% more than the national average.


The cost of living isn't great, but families from the Northeast are drawn to the suburbs, the low crime rate, the long coastline, and the good private schools.


Florida has been the best place to retire for decades because of its low cost of living, lack of income tax, and warm weather all year round. So it shouldn't be a surprise that it has more hospitals than 47 other states in the United States.

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