8 Reasons Your Puppy Is Crying and How to Soothe Them

A puppy's cry can sometimes be a sound of happiness. When these things happen, your puppy will usually also wag its tail, jump around, or do something else that shows it is happy.


 Your puppy may be crying because it is worried, stressed, or scared. Anxious puppies may also pant, drool, lick their lips, pace, cower, have their ears back, and tuck their tails.


Submissive dogs, or those who are at the bottom of the family pack hierarchy, may cry to make other pack members feel better. 


 A puppy can get very bored if he or she doesn't get enough physical or mental exercise. They'll whine, bark, dig, chew, and do other things that are bad for you.


Your dog might cry because they miss you if they are lonely. If you're in a different room and they can still hear you, they might yell to get your attention.


If a puppy is hungry, they will definitely say what's on their mind. If your puppy is whining, you might not be giving it enough food.


It's common for toddlers to throw fits when they're too tired, and puppies are the same way. If your puppy is tired, he or she might get grumpy or fussy.


Puppy tears are often caused by pain or discomfort. This doesn't always mean they're in obvious pain, but a puppy will definitely yelp and cry out if it's hurt.


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