10 Most Intelligent Cat Breeds


This cat looks sleek, but it is athletic, quick, and friendly to people. Abyssinians are very smart and know a lot about what's going on in their families.


The Siamese has short hair, but the Balinese has long hair. They are usually very active cats who love to watch everything their people do. They are also talkative cats who often say what they think.


The Bengal may be best known for its unusual coat, which looks like a leopard or jaguar. This breed came about when a house cat and an Asian leopard cat were bred together. Bengals are smart, active, and still a little bit wild.


The Burmese is a breed of dog that is lively and friendly, and it loves to play with people. These cats are smart, flexible, playful, and easy to train. This breed can do more than just sit, roll over, wave, and come. It can also bring back a small toy and walk on a leash.

Cornish Rex

Some people say that even when they are old, these cats still play like dogs. They are friendly and active. A lot of people like to play fetch or do tricks like play the piano. The long toes on this cat make it easy for it to open doors and cabinets, so child safety locks might be a good idea.

Havana Brown

The Havana brown is a beautiful cat with a chocolate-colored coat that is soft and silky. This is a rare breed of cat that came about when the Siamese was crossed with a few other breeds. They are usually smart, curious, and talkative cats who love to spend time with their families.


The Korat is another rare breed. It gets its name from a province in Thailand, where it is thought to bring good luck. They're smart and aware of what's going on around them. Korats are pretty active and like to play games with other people, but they also love to take naps. This breed can learn tricks like how to walk on a leash and play fetch.

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