8 Jobs for Retirees That Can Be Done From Home

1. Accounting and Finance

If you like numbers, you can use them to get a new job in accounting and finance. In this field, you can do a wide range of jobs, from handling accounts payable to organising records and paying bills.

2. Administrative

People who work in the administrative field may be in charge of people issues, projects, or all incoming and outgoing communications. Depending on the job, they may even have to deal with money.

3. Customer Service

Customer service reps talk to customers over the phone, through email, and in chat rooms. They are the first point of contact for a company and help customers solve problems or find answers to questions.

4. Editing

If you pay close attention to details, grammar, and spelling, editing could be the perfect job for you. As an editor, you'll look over written work, check for mistakes, and make changes to it before it's published.

5. Education and Training

Education and training is a good field for people who like to work with others and help them learn new things. Educators are in charge of judging how well their students understand and know about different topics. They also help plan and assign lessons.

6. Nonprofit and Philanthropy

If  you want to do good in the world, you might want to work for a nonprofit. Nonprofit work can be done for environmental or "green" groups, as well as for groups in the community that help people who are struggling.

7. Translation

Interpreters and translators are fluent in speaking, reading, and writing at least two languages. As an interpreter or translator, you will change information from one language into another.

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