10 Best Hungarian Clothing Brands You Need To Know

1. Nanushka

Sandra Sandor, a vegan fashion designer, started the Hungarian clothing brand Nanushka. The modern, bohemian brand makes clothes that can be worn both during the day and at night. This creates a new kind of casual beauty.

3. Tomcsanyi

Tribali Gitana is a Hungarian clothing brand that makes handcrafted clothes and jewellery with beautiful designs. It is made from natural and organic fabrics like organic cotton and hemp.

4. Gaia Gombaek

Gaia Gombaek is a Hungarian clothing brand and designer who makes magical, easy-to-wear clothes for women. Her clothes are made by hand in Hungary from natural, soft, and expensive materials.


The Hungarian fashion designer Eszter ron started the AERON clothing line to make classic pieces for modern women. It makes clothes that are stylish and good for the environment by coming up with new ways to cut down on waste and using responsible sourcing practises.

6. Sunny Side Up Agency

Sunny Side Up Agency is a clothing brand from Hungary that offers 90s vintage and romantic apparel for women. It carefully selects authentic pieces inspired by the Victorian era.

7. Philomén

Philomén is a swimwear brand from Hungary that uses recycled Italian fabrics to make its clothes. It makes activewear and swimwear for women that is sustainable, high-quality, and classic.

8. Eszka

Eszka is a Hungarian clothing brand that uses recycled yarn to make clothes with beautiful patterns and bright colours. It makes unique pieces that will last for a long time and have a small impact on the environment.

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