8 Amazing Facts About Dogs You Might Not Know

1. Dogs communicate with more than vocals.

When they make sounds, bark, or growl, dogs do talk to each other. But body language is a more common way for dogs to talk to each other. A tail that is up or tucked, ears that are forwards, or a tense body can say a lot.

2. They have an incredibly fast sniff rate.

When sitting still, a dog breathes in and out about 15 times per minute, while a typical person breathes out 12 to 20 times per minute. When a dog is walking, it can breathe up to 31 times per minute. But when a dog is sniffing, he or she breathes in and out 140 to 200 times per minute.

3. Petting sessions relax shelter dogs.

Researchers have found that petting a shelter dog quietly for 15 minutes can calm it down and cause positive changes in its behaviour and body.

4. Humping is more common among males.

Researchers who looked at dog parks found that humping, or to be more polite, mounting, happened 16 times more often between males than between females.

5. Paw preference may correlate to personality.

Another interesting thing about dogs is that they have a favourite paw. Dogs who show a preference for one paw or are said to be right-pawed tend to react less strongly to new things and strangers and be more calm.

7. Female dogs are better smellers.

Is it true female dogs are better at smelling than males? The experts who wrote K9 Scent Training saw that this was true, and that women often "smell" better than men.

8. Gazing is good for both of us.

When a dog looked into our eyes and we looked into theirs, the "love" hormone, oxytocin, went up significantly in both of us. This is like the relationship between a mother and her child.

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