7 Ways to Promote
Long-Term Fat Loss

When you do strength training, your muscles contract against resistance. Over time, it builds muscle and makes you stronger, and it usually involves lifting weights.

1. Start strength training

Eating more protein-rich foods may help reduce your appetite and increase fat burning.

2. Follow a high protein diet

A simple way to get and stay at a healthy weight is to go to bed a little earlier or set your alarm a little later.

3. Get more sleep

A 12-month study found that people who ate a Mediterranean diet full of healthy fats like olive oil and nuts lost more weight over time than those who ate a low-fat diet.

4. Eat more healthy fats

One of the easiest ways to help you lose weight and keep it off is to switch from sugary drinks to healthier ones.

5. Drink unsweetened beverages

Soluble fiber, which comes from plants, soaks up water and moves slowly through your digestive tract, making you feel full for longer.

6. Fill up on fiber

Cardio, which is also called aerobic exercise, is one of the most popular ways to work out. It's any kind of exercise that trains the heart and lungs in a certain way.

8. Increase your cardio

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