7 Secrets to Making the Perfect Stew Every Time

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Choose the right meat

For stews, you should choose "cheap cuts" of meat, which are any pieces that are tough and lean.

Sear the meat first

The Maillard Reaction, which gives meat its juicy, flavorful brown colour and enhances stews' flavour, requires pre-searing the meat.

Add herbs and cooking liquids

Browning onions, carrots, diced celery, and other ingredients in a Dutch oven or slow cooker improves the flavour of a stew.

Cook long and slow on low heat

Because stews are cooked slowly and for a long time, the meat gets very tender and moist. Collagen is present in all types of meat, whether it is soft or tough. 

Season smart

Be careful not to add all the salt at once, as the flavours will blend together as the food cooks. It's better to only put in half of what the recipe says, then taste it at the end and add more if necessary.

Choose the right tools

Once the meat is seared, the herbs become fragrant, and you've added the cooking liquid (wine, beer or broth), bring the mixture to a boil.

Use a pressure cooker, with caution

Cooking temperatures are higher under pressure, but an Instant Pot or traditional pressure cooker is one of the most practical ways to quickly cook tough cuts of meat (it cuts the cooking time in half).

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