10 Dog-Training Habits You Should Drop Right Now

Calling Them Over and Over

There's no shame in having to call your dog over and over at the dog park or on the beach. Calling your dog's name when he or she is off-leash and you want them to come back to you is a very hard skill to teach.

Using Only One Reinforcer

Okay, we just told you to use treats for recall. But you'll need to think outside the biscuit box for smaller good-dog behaviours. If you only use treats to reward good behaviour all the time, the excitement of the treat will wear off after a while.

Giving Treats at the Wrong Time

More about snacks! (Because they are so important to the way a dog learns.) "Dogs are self-important. This means that they care about their own needs and will try to get us to meet them.

Going on Autopilot on Walks

We know that sometimes your daily walks with your dog are the only time you have to make that important call, vent to a friend, or come up with ideas for work. "Try not to, though." We're all human, so it's inevitable that we'll miss some good behaviour from time to time.

Shushing Them 

Imagine this: When the Amazon guy brings you the harness you ordered, your dog starts to bark. It's natural to try to calm them down by saying "shhhhhh" like you would with a crying baby, but dogs aren't babies.

Not Using Hand Signals

that dogs do best when they have more than one way to do the same thing. She says that using one word alone can work in many situations, but your dog is more likely to listen if they can understand you with both their ears and eyes.

Not Being Direct

You should give your dog clear instructions, especially if it is a puppy or a rescue dog that you just got. “ Imagine a toddler who is always getting into things. You couldn't just tell him or her to stop everything and do nothing.

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