7 Clothing Items You Should Never Sleep In.


If your underwear is too tight, it can make it hard to sleep. It can cause bacteria to grow and yeast infections in women, and it could stop men from making sperm.

Tight or heavy pajamas

Tight clothes can make it hard for blood to flow through your body and stop air from flowing, which can make you uncomfortable and make it hard to sleep.

Synthetic fabrics

At night, synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon can also make it hard to keep the right temperature. These fabrics can make sleeping uncomfortable because they don't let your skin breathe. This keeps your body heat in and makes you overheat at night."

Dark colors

Even breathable black PJs may irritate delicate skin. Dye "are more likely to produce contact dermatitis—any itchy, red rash that is generally worst where textiles cling against such the armpits, groyne, back of knees, and arm creases" along with synthetic fabrics and wrinkle-resistant chemicals.

Anything with fasteners

wearing pyjamas with any metal snap or zipper. "Most garment fasteners contain nickel and over time you can acquire a nickel allergy (even as an adult).

Clothes you wore all day

Think about what you've been doing for the last ten to twelve hours. Did you wait to see a doctor? Take an Uber? Even if your clothes don't look dirty, that doesn't mean you should go to sleep in them.


Even though earrings aren't really clothing, many people don't take them off before bed. Earrings can tear through your earlobe if they get caught on something, like your hair.

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