6 Spring Makeup Trends For 2023 That We Can’t Wait to Try

As spring flowers bloom, we sometimes want to change something about ourselves. So, we put together some spring makeup ideas for you to try this year.

In fashion and now in beauty, monochrome and color-coordinated looks are popular.

2. Color-Coordination

When spring starts, there are more colors and the weather gets warmer. This is a great time for the heavy blush trend.

3. Heavy Blush 

As the weather gets warmer, we sometimes want to put on less makeup. Soft glam is in right now, which is good news.

4. Soft Glam

Even though the weather is getting warmer, more and more people are wearing frosty eye looks.

5. Frosty Eyeshadow

Pink is perfect for spring because it goes well with the flowers that are blooming and the makeup trends that go with them.

6. Powerful Pinks

People will always wear winged eyeliner, but less and less people do it these days.

7. Smudged Eyeliner

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