6 Mentally Strong Zodiac Signs That Can Handle Anything

Luck and skill are both parts of mental strength. Mind power is an art and a practise, and some signs of the zodiac tend to be better at it than others.

No, these people are not "smarter," but because of who they are, they can handle a lot without getting overwhelmed.

Mental and emotional strength is a mix of things like tough self-love, optimism, and resilience, which some zodiac signs tend to be better at than others.

1. Sagittarius

Because Sagittarius spends so much time in their own heads, they know all too well what it takes to be mentally strong. They are good at processing information and have many ways to deal with stress or problems in life.

2. Aries

Aries are one of the most mentally strong signs because they have a long history of getting themselves into trouble. Because of this, they have learned how to get out of trouble and become one of the strongest signs. Headstrong, as the saying goes, this sign tends to stand strong because of sheer nerve.

3. Leo

This isn't a joke, honest. If a Leo really wants to do something, it will get done. Leo has amazing mental strength, and their skills will stand the test of time. People born under this sign have done a lot of amazing things in their lives, and most of them are mental instead of physical.

4. Scorpio

I mean, really, you have to have a strong mind to be that cruel. And Scorpios are the most cruel of all the signs. They like it when you hurt, that's just the truth.

5. Taurus

It's true that they are strong-willed and stubborn, but they didn't get that way by being mentally weak. You get it if you're a badass Taurus with a grudge. They also know how to work that bone, which requires kidneys. I mean intellect.

6. Cancer 

Cancers have a hard time not being seen as weak homebodies who always complain about how bad their lives are. So, to stop the rest of the world from thinking they are weak, they have worked on their "mentals" to make one big statement about how strong their minds are.

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