5 Tips for Throwing the Perfect Big Game Party When You're Over 60

The Super Bowl LVII is coming up quickly. On Sunday, February 12, the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs will play each other. But you don't have to be a huge football fan to enjoy Super Bowl Sunday.

When people get together to celebrate, there are usually a lot of appetisers, games, and maybe even a few alcoholic drinks if you feel like it.

As you get older, your viewing parties might be a little less tense, but that doesn't mean everyone shouldn't still have a good time. Read on for five tips on how to throw the best Super Bowl party if you're over 60.

Switch up the food and drink menu.

Sunday is almost always a "cheat day" because of the Super Bowl, so you shouldn't feel bad about making or eating tasty treats. But there are a few things you should keep in mind when planning a party for older people.

Consider your seating arrangements.

The point of a Super Bowl party is, of course, to watch the big game, so you'll want to think about how things are set up. Kramer suggests a certain set-up to make sure guests are comfortable.

Try a "vintage" theme.

One more way to make your party stand out is to have a theme. You don't have to go crazy, but you can make things more fun, even if your guests are rooting for different teams.

Plan extra entertainment options.

Even though Super Bowl commercials are known to be the best of the year and the halftime show is always a must-see, you should have activities ready for timeouts and other times when the game isn't on. (Even your guests who don't like football will likely thank you.)

Know when the party's over.

Hosting a party is a lot of work, and you may be ready for bed before your guests are. Or maybe the game is over and your guests are ready to leave but don't know how to leave.

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