5 Scientific Things That Happen To Men With Beards

Men with beards have a lot to deal with. People have said that they have bacteria and make women feel gross. 

Men still keep growing out their whiskers, though. There are many reasons why men with beards let their hair grow out, but having a beard has real effects.

Beards May Protect Men From Skin Cancer

men with beards are less likely to be hurt by about 90% of UV rays. Because of this, men with beards may be less likely to get skin cancer, at least on a small part of their face and neck.

Men With Beards Are More Attractive

women find bearded guys more attractive (awesome). Whether her father had a beard determines this (weird). Sexual imprinting, the idea that children model their future partners after their parents, may explain this.

Guys With Beards Are Seen as More Manly

One study indicated that beards may indicate maturity and social standing. Bearded men are also dominant. Some questionable study implies bearded guys are sexist.

Guys With Beards Tend to Die Young

Bearded men face challenges. Infrequent facial hair shaving was connected to early deaths from all causes, particularly cardiovascular disease.

The main reason for this higher risk of death is that bearded men were more likely to be shorter, less likely to be married, have fewer orgasms, and smoke more.

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