5 common mistakes golfers make with their fitness routines

Golfers are no longer looked down upon like they were in the past. If you go to a professional golf tournament and walk around the driving range, you'll notice that players don't look like they did in the past.

They're much fitter now. That doesn't mean you have to be in shape to play golf, and there are always exceptions to every rule, but if you want to be an elite golfer, you usually have to be fit. 

Problem is, not many golfers know how to get in shape for golf. It's a little different from training your muscles for other sports, so you need to know what to work on to do it right. So, Jamie Greaves comes into play.

1. Lifting too much

Even though golfers may be athletes, they are not bodybuilders. Your workouts should help you become more athletic, not just help you get stronger. If you gain too much weight, your swing will only get worse.

2. Too much mobility training

To make a good golf swing, you need to be mobile, but you don't need to be too flexible. So long as your golf swing has a good range of motion, you should be fine. Greaves says that it's enough to move around for a few minutes every day.

3. No in-season training

You shouldn't stop going to the gym just because the weather is getting better. If you do that, you'll lose all the progress you made over the summer. Work out between rounds on the course to stay in shape for the whole season.

4. Overcomplicating exercises

In golf, the simpler, the better. That holds true in your golf fitness journey as well. Don’t overcomplicate things.

5. Overworking

Don't put too much pressure on yourself at the gym. If you work out so hard that you can't move the next day, you're probably going too far. Greaves says that golfers can make a lot of progress by going to the gym for two to three hours a week.

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