4 zodiac signs are almost impossible to figure out.

"Show of cards." Everyone has heard that saying. But what is a poker face, really? Especially in astrology, zodiac signs that are hard to read have this skill down to a science.

But a poker face is a blank, emotionless face we put on when we don't want to show what's going on inside us with our faces—no emotion, no hint, no clue. A poker face is the face that poker players put on so that no one can tell what's in their poker hand. It's to make it hard to read their face.

Some of us are good at keeping our feelings and thoughts to ourselves, while others wear their hearts on their sleeves and tell everyone what they are thinking.

In the case of Aquarius, one would have to know ahead of time that this sign is already one of the coldest and possibly cruellest we have. You might put on a poker face to hide your feelings, but Aquarius doesn't have many feelings to show. It's not hard for them to ignore their natural urge to act. Aquarius is cold, hard to understand, rude, and distant.

1. Aquarius

You'll never be able to understand a Capricorn because they are too cool to read. Capricorn doesn't like to show a lot of emotion, so they do well in a world with hard facts and solid ideas.

2. Capricorn

Gemini is the only sign that can hide everything they are thinking better than anyone else. No matter what's going on, you'll never be able to tell what's going on in your Gemini friend's face.

3. Gemini 

Let's just say that Libra has had you fooled from the start. They rely on their reputation as "nice guys" until you ask them a personal question. Libra doesn't like to share personal information, and to avoid confrontation, which is their worst fear, they'll act so cold you'll wonder if they're even human.

4. Libra

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