Signs You’re A High-Level Thinker

It's when a bunch of different ideas come together to make a big realisation, just like how colours mix to make new colours. When these ideas come from the brilliant minds of high-level thinkers, they have the power to change the world.

But being able to think at a high level is neither a matter of talent nor a right. It's a privilege that only a small number of people have—those who have worked hard to improve their minds.

Here are 4 signs you’re a high-level thinker:

1. An average thinker has an opinion about every single thing in the world.

2. You cannot observe any timely gap between the occurrence of a situation, and the formation of an opinion in cases of average thinkers.

3. Average thinkers stick to their opinions like it’s their last dollar — even when shown evidence that their opinion is objectively wrong.

4. You’re inquisitive

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