3 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be Single

People don't date for a lot of different reasons, like because they like being alone or because they don't want to follow society's rules. Some zodiac signs choose to be single because it's what they want.

 If you look closely at your birth chart, you might find out more about what you need and why you might be one of the zodiac signs most likely to be single.

Your big three are only a small part of your birth chart. Even though your sun sign is usually a mix of your quirks and strengths, there are many other things, like your tendency to be single, that can tell a lot about your love life.

For example, your Venus sign tells you all about romance, including what your love language is. If Venus is in shy Aquarius in your birth chart, you might be more interested in friendships than in romance.

Nobody has as high of standards as Virgo. For Virgo, it's either perfect or nothing. The practical earth sign is all about self-preservation, so they'll do whatever they can to protect their energy, even if that means giving up on a relationship.


Sagittarius zodiac signs are known for not making commitments, and they get bored easily. They have to change all the time, which isn't always easy for people who are in a relationship. 


Aquarius is very proud of how independent they are. They're happy doing things on their own, and they don't want a relationship to change their lives. Aquarians are known for being a little unconventional, and they often question and go against the norm, even when it comes to love.


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