13 quietest dog breeds that make peaceful companions

This very loyal breed is known as the "silent hunter." They may not bark much, but don't let that fool you.

1. Akita

The French Bulldog is playful, bright, and affectionate. He's also very aware of what's going on around him, but the good news is that he probably won't bark unless he wants to let you know that someone is coming over.

2. French Bulldog

When a Great Dane barks, you and your neighbours will definitely hear it. But the name "gentle giants" doesn't come from nowhere.

3. Great Dane

These calm dogs are really the sweethearts of the dog world. They love people and other dogs, so they don't bark very often.

4. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Bernese Mountain Dog is big but not scary. It is calm, friendly, and eager to please. They make great watchdogs, and they usually only bark when someone they don't know enters their property.

5. Bernese Mountain Dog

The Cane Corso is an assertive dog with an air of quiet competence and confidence. He is also very smart, which makes him easy to train.

6. Cane Corso

Pugs are exceptionally quiet when it comes to barking, with the exception of the occasional yips they make when they are excited.

7. Pug

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