11 Starbucks Ground Coffee Flavors Ranked Worst To Best

French Roast is sure to alienate some right away, but it's a pretty divisive blend!

11. French Roast

10. Espresso Roast

Many of Starbucks' darker blends can seem oily due to their deep, dark roasts.

9. Veranda Blend

The mild Veranda Blend may be perfect for you if you prefer your coffee to gently wake you up rather than kick you in the face.

8. Italian Roast

Starbucks' Italian Roast is one of our top dark roasts because of its balance.

7. Breakfast Blend

Starbucks' Breakfast Blend comes in both a blonde and medium roast.

6. House Blend

The House Blend, Starbucks' first coffee, is a medium roast with a nutty, cocoa flavour.

5. Sumatra

Sumatra stands out among dark roasts with a rich flavour, low acidity, and little oil compared to French or Italian Roasts.

4. Verona

Verona is a fan favourite. Verona is a dark roast without the bitterness of the French Roast.

3. Morning Joe

Originally called the Starbucks Gold Coast Blend, Morning Joe is a dark roast with a sweet, almost caramel aroma.

2. Blonde Sunrise

Okay, here's a taste you shouldn't miss. I adore the smooth chocolate flavour!

1. Pike Place

Pike Place is Starbucks' top seller for a reason. Medium roast, with toasted nut and chocolate aromas.

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