10 Surprising Myths About Women That Men Seriously Believe

1. Multitasking Masters

According to a study, no one is good at doing more than one thing at once. Some people can switch between tasks better than others.

2. We Go to the Bathroom Together to Gossip

Most people don't realise that the reason women go to the bathroom in groups may have more to do with their minds than they think. 

3. They're Better at Chores

Most people don't realise that women may go to the bathroom in groups for psychological reasons. There is safety in numbers, and many women learn from a young age to be careful in public places.

4. They Want To Be Chased

No means no unless it means chase me. Or so it was taught to some boys. When a woman likes someone, she shows it with her body language or by saying so.

5. Women Love to Shop

"I hate shopping, especially for clothes!" This may be true because women like shopping more than men do.

6. Stereotyping Titles

All women are different, just like guys. But women are often put into groups like "gamer girl," "tomboy," or "girly girl." Some girls can be more than one thing. 

7. We All Want Kids

As with some men, some women want careers and the freedom to go where they want and do what they want whenever they want.

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