Are You Making Your Life More Complicated Than It Needs to Be?

Living light means getting rid of what isn't necessary and rethinking things in a way that shows purpose. The new luxury is to be simple.

How Good Is Your Ability to Say NO?

To be responsive to your amazing self, you need to be able to figure out and think about what gives your life value. NO is a powerful word when used in the right way because it shows how you set limits and believe in things that make your life better.

Are You Going About the Business of Being You Every Day?

 Be wise and don’t let anyone else influence you or tell you who you are. You are unique unto yourself.

Are You Stretching Your Mind Daily?

Every day, we lose a lot of neurones, so we have to work hard to make new ones. To keep your brain working is like running a marathon, but it's worth it because if you grow your mind, you will definitely grow your life.

Do You Make Good Choices?

I mean purposeful decisions, not random ones. Life improves with conscious choices. The more you can be yourself, the better you can handle daily obstacles.

Do You Start the Day Thinking About You?

Consider your life a gigantic goodie basket containing all of you. You are full of ideas, feelings, desires, dreams, and virtues.

Do You Experience the Joy of Achievement?

The truth is that you don't need anyone to tell you that you did something great today. Your internal insightful value tells you everything you need to know to know how great you are. Just listen to your incredible self.

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