10 Phrases Men Hate Hearing From Women

“Well, X's Husband Does It, Why Can't You?

,What really bothers me about this one is that she will pick out one good thing a guy does and ignore his flaws." Another person agreed and said, "Jesus, exactly. Most people's good sides are all you see, and people praise them for the one good thing they do.

“‘I'm Not Hungry' or ‘You Pick…But Not There or There'”

It's funny, my wife thinks I can't decide, but when I give her a list of places in order of preference and she keeps saying no, I can usually figure out what she wants. I can find something to eat almost anywhere, and if it's on the table, I'll eat it.  I had a bowl of plain rice, a cheese sandwich, PB&J, and PB&J on a frozen hot dog bun because we were out of bread." "This is what I tell my girlfriend," agreed another.

“They Couldn't Handle Me”

"In a relationship, you should help each other grow. You shouldn't always have to deal with the other person's bad mood, bad behaviour, or bad mental health. This is not as much of a flex as a lot of people think it is, and it makes me very suspicious."

"No, You Go Ahead, Do Whatever You Want"

"My mum does this, but I don't question it. If you say I can, I'll do it. I don't have time to waste on those kinds of games." "Good old-fashioned emotional manipulation.

“Do You Like My Friend?”

"I had an ex who got mad at me before she even met her friend because she "knew" I would cheat with her friend. First of all, why do you have a friend who would sleep with your boyfriend? Second, I hadn't done anything to hurt her trust in us, so I was mad that she didn't just trust me by default.

“Do I Look Fat? Be Honest.”

My wife and I fell into that trap. Even after five years, I'm still paying for it. I just tell the truth. I think it's fine, or the way the dress is cut makes you look bigger, so the other one is better. I hate being asked for opinions that are written down."

"I Just Hate Drama"

"What they hate most about drama is how it ends. They love the story itself. "They don't like drama, and all their friends are guys.

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