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Home » Valentine’s Day from afar: 6 tips for surprising your special someone

Valentine’s Day from afar: 6 tips for surprising your special someone

    Valentine’s Day from afar 6 tips for surprising your special someone

    The day of lovers is Valentine’s Day. Getting presents for one another, eating a romantic dinner, and cuddling. However, not everyone can celebrate Valentine’s Day with their significant other, perhaps because they work, study, or reside far away or abroad. Being separated is never simple, therefore it’s a terrific idea to give your partner a Valentine’s Day surprise. We’ve included six suggestions for making memorable experiences even if you can’t be together.

    Whether your lover is in North America, South America, Asia, Eastern Europe, or Western Europe, we can transport your Valentine’s Day gift practically anywhere in the world.

    Tip #1: Re-live your favourite moments together

    Whether you’ve been dating for a short while or have been together for a while, nothing is better than making memories together. You’ll (at least) have pictures of your trips together, so surprise your sweetheart with a customized photo album and have it sent right to their door. You could also choose vintage photo prints!

    Tip #2: Organise a digital dinner date

    Digital communication is the ideal alternative if in-person gatherings are not possible. Set up a Facetime or Skype session and take your time eating supper together. To create the impression that you are at the same table, you could decide to cook the same dinner. Go for a delicious bottle of wine displaying a picture of the two of you if you want to surprise your special someone with the ideal gift for this occasion, or have lovely wine glasses engraved with your names.

    Tip #3: Send them a hug

    Have a soft, cuddly toy personalized for them to hold if you are unable to offer them a hug in person. On the complimentary message card, include your preferred photo and a heartfelt message. Choose a 135 cm huge bear or a 96 cm colossal bear.

    Tip #4: say it with chocolate

    Chocolate is always a good choice, especially if it has a lovely message inside telling your lover how much you love them. Send them a delicious Milka heart-shaped gift box or make them a custom chocolate telegram. These presents are ideal for shipping straight to your partner’s address because they fit through a letterbox.

    Tip #5: Send them a unique, romantic greeting card

    Create a personalized wooden card or greeting card with a cute photo and your message of love if you want to express your love to your lover in a more romantic way than by sending a simple text.

    Tip #6: Give them a lasting keepsake

    Every now and again, you want to gift your sweetheart something they can cherish for a very long time. What about a lovely pendant with your name, initials, or a picture etched on it? We also have gorgeous bracelets with engravings that your sweetheart would adore.

    Tips for maintaining a long-distance relationship

    It’s not always simple to be in a long-distance relationship, and it may be very tempting to concentrate on the things you’re missing, including sharing a bed, having dinner together, hugs, and daily check-ins. However, dwelling on the unpleasant aspects will only make matters worse, and truly missing someone will demonstrate how much you care for them. Here are some suggestions to make adjusting to your breakup easier.

    If you usually drink a glass of wine and discuss your day with your significant other after you get home from work, keep doing that! Maintain the pattern and make a video call using Skype, Facetime, or Whatsapp to stay in touch.

    Be persistent: Unfavorable day? Not in excellent shape? Are you a little lonely? Don’t be upset that your spouse can’t be there for you physically; instead, talk to them about your feelings. If you’re having trouble, just let them know so they can console you verbally.

    Do things collectively: Even if a game is played online, you may still gather together to play it. The same holds true when reading a book or watching a movie. Simply start a video call and carry out your tasks. The benefit of having the call open, even in the background, is that you may have a conversation that naturally develops as ideas occur to you.

    Give yourself permission to feel sad at times. Sometimes, it’s best to simply feel your emotions and cry. Give yourself the room to do so, as long as it isn’t over a protracted period of time, is our advice.

    Don’t forget Valentine’s Day: These moments are much more significant while you’re separated. By your actions as much as your words, convey to your mate how much you care and miss them. Deliver a message or gift to their door. It’s important to let them know you’re thinking about them.

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